Wednesday, February 09, 2005

First Day On the Blog

Not entirely sure how I ended up here, but here I am.


So... I suppose I should do something? Perform for you perhaps?

A little poety? Nah. Starting off with a poem always feels so needy. Like I'm trying to prove to ya that I got brains or maybe even deep thoughts. The truth of the matter is that any schmuck can hack out a little poem. Hate reading other people's poems. Don't you?

A little short fiction? That may be a better route. I do have some out there and it's met with a really good response. Got a work in progress posted at a place called But once again, as a general rule I hate reading other people's stuff. If it's bad you mentally sort of smile and back slowly out of the room.

A description of myself? Well, um...I ain't especially ugly. I don't kick puppies often. Got a BFA at one point. Theatre. Silly me. Someone actually married me. And then the fool bred with me. Can you believe that? I certainly didn't. It's true though. I have the legal documentation to prove it.

But I can't imagine you particularly care about any of that either.

I should probably think about this.


At 12:22 PM, Blogger Erynn said...

I don't hate reading other people's poetry. I have a whole bloody wall full of the stuff in my living room. Of course, as a poet myself, it's sort of a given that I read a bunch of the stuff...


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